May we prepay for the season?
Yes, DuPage Lawn Care offers multiple prepayment packages to meet whatever lawn care services you require. You may prepay with check or credit card*.  *All CC transactions subject to 3% processing fee.
How long is the Lawn Mowing season?
The season is approximately 34 weeks long, depending on conditions the season begins on or around before mid-April and end on or around December 1
May I automatically pay with a credit card?
Yes, ALL new accounts are set up for Weekly Auto Pay with no transaction fee, if you prefer our monthly auto pay it is subject to a 3% processing fee.
What are my payment options?
All Major Credit Cards – Check – Cash (In Office Only)
When do I pay the bill?
Typically our lawn mowing customers are set for weekly auto pay.  If monthly, you will receive your bill via USPS or e-mail during the first week each month.  Please note our Billing Due Date is the 15th of the month.  Payment must be received on or before the 15th of each month to avoid late fees and service interruption.
May I pay the workers while they are working?
NO, please do not pay our workers.  We ask that you only make payments via Auto Pay, USPS or with a CC over the phone.  This is the fastest, most secure way to deal with your billing.  However, our workers do enjoy the occasional tip!
How can I receive my bill?
Email or USPS
Do we cut the same day every week?
We have every intention to keep you on the same day cutting schedule every week. Due to weather/holidays, we may not always make it out the same day. If it rains any days before your cut date there may be a slight delay in services that week. No matter what we will service your property every week.
Do you require a contract to be signed?
We do not lock in our customers to service. We offer a Service Agreement that can be cancelled at any time but it outlines the scope of service we provide and confirms you wanted the service.  Our hope is the service with speak for us and you will have no need to cancel.
Do we pick up twigs, garbage, etc.?
We ask that our customers provide a clear path for the mowers to cut the lawn. If there is a large branch in the way, we will move it to avoid damaging the mower but smaller twigs are not moved due to time constraints. We do request that you pick up any Dog Mess before work is performed, if not some areas may not receive service and will be addressed the following week. If there is excessive Dog Mess, the entire property may be skipped as we will not force our employees to work in those conditions.
Will we ever skip a service week?
Do we offer bagging of the grass clippings?
No.  As of January 1, 2020 we will no longer offer bagging, due to increased disposal costs and having so few customers with that service. It’s better for your lawn to leave the clippings on site.
Do we pick up the leaves in the Fall?
During the end of October and all November, in addition to mowing your lawn, we will also take up to 2 bagger attachments worth of leaves with each lawn mowing at no additional cost (Weather permitting).  This is meant to alleviate the burden of leaf pickup for our customers but in no way a guarantee of all leaves to be cleared from the yard.
Can you cut Every Other Week?
Yes.  Every other week is an option but not recommended.  This is not a healthy option for your lawn as there is more than 1/3 of the grass blade being cut which can stress the lawn and make more susceptible to disease.  Every Other Week service is subject to Higher Pricing than weekly.
Are there services you don’t do?
We do not offer the following services:  Hand Weeding, Hardscapes, Sod Installation, Retaining Walls, Flower Planting, Tree Planting