Residential Service List

Weekly Lawn Mowing – Regular Service
–  Weekly lawn mowing of entire property
–  Grass clippings expelled back into yard (excellent source of natural Nitrogen)
–  String Trimming -or- “weed whacking” all areas the mowers can’t reach
–  Edging sidewalks (applies to concrete surfaces only – Higher rate for corner properties)
–  Blowing all hard surfaces ie: Sidewalks, Driveway, Patio/Deck, etc. of debris caused by our service. (does not include raised or elevated patio/deck areas)
Pricing is for Front Yard Only or Lot Size Under 5,000 sq. ft. — For a Lot Size larger than 5,000 sq. ft., please Call for a Free Estimate.

Weekly Lawn Mowing with Bagging
DuPage Lawn Care will no longer be offering a Deluxe bagging service due to the increased disposal costs and limited areas we can place a dumpster. We apologize in advance to anyone that will be affected by this change.

Why NOT to Bag Clippings

Lawn Treatments
At this time, DuPage Lawn Care does not currently offer a lawn treatment program but we are working with a vendor to eventually provide this service.

Spring/Fall Aeration

What is Lawn Aeration?
It is the removal of small plugs of soil from your lawn. These small plugs will remain on the lawn and naturally breakdown back into your lawn.

How does DuPage Lawn Care Inc. provide Lawn Aeration Service?
We used a gas powered lawn aeration machine that mechanically removes soil cores from your lawn. These soil cores are approximately 1/2″-3ā€ in size, spaced 6ā€ apart. The soil cores will vary depending on your soil condition.

Why should you have your Lawn Aerated?
–  Improved air exchange between the soil and atmosphere
–  Improves fertilizer use
–  Provides better turf grass rooting while reducing soil compaction
–  Enhances thatch breakdown

Aeration Video

Spring/Fall Power Raking

What is Power Raking?
Power raking uses a device called a dethatcher which has rotating combs that quickly remove the thatch buildup in a lawn.  After bringing up the dead thatch, the crew will use their lawn mowers to collect all of the loosened debris.  This allows oxygen, water and nutrients to get to the root system of the grass and allows sunlight to penetrate to the soil.

When should I consider Power Raking?
Late spring, once it’s dry is a good time to power rake a lawn.  Early to Mid Fall before heavy rain while ground is still dry and firm.  Power Raking combined with Aeration and fertilizing will produce a healthier, more beautiful lawn that will stand out.

Spring/Fall Cleanup

A crew will come to your property with the equipment necessary to perform the work which includes but is not limited to:
–  Raking all leaves and debris from the yard, flower/bush beds and any other areas indicated to us by the customer.
–  We then use lawn mowers with bagger attachments to pick up and remove all debris collected throughout the cleanup.
–  The service includes removal and disposal.

–  Bush Trimming/Removal
–  Over Seeding
–  Mulch Installation
–  Tree Removal